Why I have Always Wanted To Be A Navy Seal.

I have always had a strong admiration for navy seals, and all special forces units to be fair. I would always tell my dad, even at the age of thirty-two about my desire to be a navy seal. My dad’s response:

“You’d be one dead seal..”

Thanks pops!

So, what is it about being a navy seal that sticks out to me so much? Is it the weapons? Yes, Is it the diverse ways that they can approach a mission? You bet, but more importantly, they’re the world’s most bad ass dudes on the planet who are so mentally tough.

It’s the mentally tough aspects to them, that I admire so deeply. In life, I want to be able to endure the hardest situations and still have my focus and poise.  Navy seals persevere and find a way to keep going.

Yet the honest to God truth is that I am not as mentally strong as I’d like to be. In fact, I break under the threat of anxiety, depression and negative self-talk.  More often than night I want to quit and let the three obstacles mentioned above have their victory.

But I don’t quit despite what comes my way, I may want to but by Gods grace (unmerited favor) and love I find a way to get back, to find a way to persevere.

And you can too!

Over time, I truly believe that we can become mentally tougher. First, it starts by knowing the threat in front you, who or what you are facing and how they will attack your weaknesses.  If you don’t know who the enemy is and how they will attack you. You have lost already.

Secondly, as cliche as this is, you need to be accountable, you need to have a team of people beside you, behind you and in front of you. Sometimes that can be hard to find, but you can never win a battle on your own. You must learn to trust your team and know that they have your back.

In summary, you can become mentally stronger, as well as all other areas of your life. But it starts with knowing yourself and how you can improve. Then, we find a squad that can help us defeat the enemies in front of us so that we can stand in victory.




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