What Frustrates Me About CrossFit- And Why Winning Isn’t Everything.

No, I’m not here to say that I’ve changed my mind about Crossfit. I don’t think it’s dangerous, nor do I believe that it’s a cult or a fad. I believe that Crossfit is changing the very landscape as we speak.  As a person with cerebral palsy, and as one who has gone through several years with traditional physical therapy, nothing has made me strong or as mobile as the methodology of CrossFit.

As an adaptive Crossfit athlete, I have been doing this sport for almost over 3-4 years and competed in four different tournaments. All of which have been able-bodied events, I never thought that I would be involved in a sport like this.

I’ll never forget the feeling of walking into Crossfit Omaha with my dad and being the only person with cerebral palsy there. Honestly, that’s how it’s always been that way, so I wasn’t expecting anything else.

I’m not sure what other people were thinking when they saw me walk in there, maybe there was some doubt. Or maybe it was the doubt that was deep in my mind.  From that point on, I some so many other adaptive athletes rising as well, which is awesome. I would watch countless videos on youtube both of other adaptive athletes and abled bodied people.

What frustrates me then, is the illusions that these videos give off. Most of them suggest that people that do Crossfit are automatically brought into a family type setting where people cheer you on as though you are some hero. Sounds awesome right? But I very rarely experience this illusion of grandeur that these videos produce.

In fact, the support that  I do have comes from a  small group of people. I know what you’re thinking “well, at least you have people supporting right?”

Yes, you’re right, I am very thankful. My frustration and struggle then, is two-fold:

1) As hard as I work to get better, I still feel as though I’m “The  Lone Crossfitter” the guy who has to adapt everything, who doesn’t have full overhead movement at doesn’t move as fast or explosive as others. That I’ll never be apart of the winning team, or even take the podium as an individual.

2) I think this is where myself and others are going so wrong. In that, we have becoming so focused on winning. Certainly, it’s not wrong to want to win; I’ve never gone to a competition of any kind and not want to win. The problem is, then, that when you become some focused on winning that one can lose sight of what Crossfit is about altogether. And that is changing people’s lives!

It can be so deadly to be so focused on winning; your joy can be stripped from you so quickly. Honestly, I want to taste what it’s like to be on the winning team. But as much as much as I’d like to experience that.  I must always remind myself that there is much joy is teaching an adaptive athlete how to get up off the ground or teaching them to take steps without much aid slowly walk on their own. Or watching someone gain more mobility all together, there’s more of a victory in that than anything else.


God Loves YOU

This is taken from my up and coming devotional:

Day 1





I know it’s hard to believe, but at the heart of the Christian faith it’s true. God’s only son Jesus (or Yeshua in Hebrew) came to serve as a mediator between us and the Father. In the movie Ransom with Mel Gibson, we see a mother and father who deeply love their only son. Yet when their son is kidnapped that love is intensified. The mother is engulfed in a sea of emotion and isn’t sure what to do to get her beloved son back into her arms.


The father shares in that same overwhelming emotion, yet as a father and a man, he knows that he must do something. He is willing to do anything to get his son back from the evils that surround him, even if it means giving his up his own life.


Much is the same for the God and his son Jesus, God – the farther see’s humanity and creation at odds with themselves and each other. He sees that because of sin, trees eventually lose all their color and die. He sees that humanity largely chooses to go its own way.  So the father acts on our behalf.  He freely gave his son Jesus to come, not only to live among us, but also to die and resurrect so that those who believe and love Him might be able to inherit a promise bigger than the universe that surrounds us.


I’m sure this all sounds well and good, but, if you are like me, you might think to yourself “Why would God love someone like me?” You might have days where you sin and feel horrible about yourself afterwards. You might feel like you could never be free from memories of the past.


Believe me, I know how it feels to believe that the endless cycle will never stop. But we have to look in the eyes of Jesus. He is our way out of the seemingly endless cycle of sin and shame. We will not be sinless until we see him face to face, but we can know that in him we have new life His mercies are new every morning, our sins are separated as far as the east is from the west and that we are white as snow.


Further reading:

New Life: Romans 6

His mercies are new every morning: Lamentations 3:22-23

As far as the east is from the west: Psalm 103:12

White as snow: Isaiah 1:18