What Can We Learn From Christopher Robin?


My sister and took the niece and and nephew to see the Christopher Robin movie, you know the one with Winnie the pooh and friends in it? Yeah, that one. It was actually really good! As a psychology major, I was excited to see it, as I learned that each character exbitvs traits of mental illness.

For a brief breakdown of each, please see the following link: HERE

Beyond that, I just wanted to share a few things that I learned from the movie:

  1. We are far to consumed in the rate race of being busy, slaving over our jobs and reputations and bank accounts. Are they important? Yes, but when they get in the way of what matters most, or should matter most than it becomes a problem. Let us, then discover and hold dear to what matters most.


2. The reality of our lives, however harsh they may be. Has sadly robbed so many of us childlike joy and wonder. We have forgotten the joy of imagining and dreaming, getting lost in a wonderful story. We have lost the ability to think outside the walls of our lives.

3.  We can’t sit still! We are constantly overthinking and freaking out about things!

4. Let us not forget those who, have never forgotten us. Winnie the pooh never forget about Christopher Robin, even though they were miles apart. Something tells me that Winnie always thought about Mr. Robins. If you miss someone today, we live in a time where we can reach people in seconds, so don’t be afraid to reach out!