The Spiritual Side of Fasting

Fasting is the new thing in the health and fitness. People are either doing intermittent fasting , prolonged fasting or even dry fasting. Which means no water at all. As I mentioned in a previous entry, intermittent fasting is something that I have been practicing for several months now.

And to be honest with you, I love it! I typically eat between 7 AM and stop somewhere before 4PM. And don’t eat until the next morning. Plenty of water is consumed in between, on average I’m pulling anywhere between 16-20 hours. The longest I have fasted is a full 24.

The health benefits of I.F. for me, have been improved mood, gut health, better sleep, much less joint pain, more energy and so on. And again, I love this practice, but what some people don’t realize, is that the practice of fasting is nothing new. Ancient religions have been practicing fasting for thousands of years. Though in many religions, fasting is typically dry.

One of the biggest components when it comes to fasting, particularly in the Christian tradition. Is to bring us back to the understanding that we are not sufficient in and of ourselves. But that God is all sufficient for his people. What happens for in my own fasting and spiritual practice, is that everything comes to the surface for me. Meaning that all the areas that I know I need to improve, things I need to deal with and or repent of come floating up.

It’s as though, fasting is the water that brings things to surface, when we humans try to drowned them out. Fasting lets me know that I am not as in control as I allow myself to believe. It allows me the understanding, that I haven’t arrived and have a long way to go. It beckons to utter the words, “Jesus, have mercy on me a sinner”.

I highly encourage a lot of people to fast, especially for the reasons mentioned above. Start slow and work your way into longer windows of fasting. The health benefits are great, but know that there’re deeper, more satisfying reasons to fast if you’re willing to give it a shot.

The Lie We Like To Believe

So many people attempt to go through life, doing things on their own strength. Even yours truly does it all to often.What I find though, is that when I attempt to do things on my own strength I often run out of strength easily and I grow tired. Does this happen to you? If so, I want to tell you a very basic truth, are you ready? It’s okay to ask for help. Let me repeat myself one more time: It’s okay to ask for help! It doesn’t mean your weak, or are incapable or without skill, it simply means you’re human and being human is okay. I believe the greatest lie we as humans can tell ourselves, is that we don’t need others. I know that I’ve told myself this lie and even believed it. But it’s a lie, we are meant for community, we are meant to bare each others pains and burdens. The hardest part is opening ones pie hole, and admitting when you can longer do things on your own. One has to in a way, hit their own personal rock bottom. I would almost guarantee that there are people around you or within surrounding community that would be willing to help with whatever it is. It simply requires the courage, bravery and faith to the first step. If there are not people in your, be willing to go find the help you need. It’s there to be had. If it’s counseling or some other means of help, be willing to do what it takes to find it. It’s easy to get flustered when life does not go our way, but in the end it dos not help our cause much. Be relentless, be of courage and hold strong until you find what your looking for. Blessings -Brandon