Confessions of an Old Soul (Rant Ahead)

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I sometimes feel like an old soul, or that maybe I could have been raised in another life time or country.

Why you ask?

Because sometimes I find myself so frustrated with this generation, even myself included. I mean, we have the ability to communicate with others in mere seconds. But something so simple becomes so difficult.



A friend was telling me recently that she believed that technology is actually making people more disconnected then ever. I agree with her. We are more apart then ever before. Some of us would rather look at our phones, or lap top screens rather then actually talk to the person closest next to us.

It’s almost as though, it has become difficult to look someone in the eye. Or even listen to someone without having to look at our phones. It’s as though a vast majority of us have A.D.D. Again, I am not perfect in this area either.

But it simply annoys me that with all of our avenues of communication, we cannot communicate (however quickly) that were not going to be able to make it to a meeting, or that were going to be late. Perhaps technology is even causing us to be more withdrawn or focused on ourselves.

That then leads me into another of frustration, that being that I have to be the one reaching out to others in my own life. I once thought that friendship goes both ways. Or so it seemed.

The reality has to be two fold, either people are seriously introverted (which is fine) or people lack communication skills, which is a problem. Is it not?  I’ve noticed this problem that last handful of years of my life.

Very few people can execute basic people skills, for example I could say to someone “hi, how are you?

They respond: I’m good, thanks…

See the problem?

Being understanding, kind and gracious toward other personality types is one thing. Allowing others to stay as they in the name of tolerance is another. It’s a lie. A lie that only longs to keep us at a distance from one another.

Our society is in great need of reform, in every area. Loving others is great, but love also requires to want more for each other, because we are called to love others.

The reformation starts with you and I, lets not live in slow motion any longer.





People Skills-Where Have You Gone?

Holy dang,

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have started my second semester of my Junior year of college. Things have started off well, I just have a lot on my plate, but I’m not going to use that as a excuse. I’m hoping to make the deans list again. Any how, something that has weighed heavily on my mind is people skills (or the lack there of). At the heart of who I am, is a lover of people I love getting to know people and have real conversation.

When I was growing up when someone asked you how you were doing, you answered by saying something like “I’m fine thank you and yourself?” You looked people in the eyes when you spoke to them. Seems to me that there are a very small percentage of people that do this anymore

I could be cruising down the walk way of my college campus and greet a person I don’t really know, much like above, I’ll ask them how they are doing and they’ll reply “good thanks… Very rarely do people actually ask the question back, even among some professors.

What is the problem here? I’m sure there are several reasons, but one thing that sticks out to me the most is technology. While technology is good and has its benefits, I strongly believe that it can take away from human interaction. We’d rather look at our cell phone then interact with the person closest to us. We would rather use the internet for a means of cheap “intimacy” then love and adore our significant others or spouses.

another problem is our listening skills, I’ve wrote about this before. But I strongly believe that our listening skills are largely due to our people skill decline. Some of us would rather have an answer for every question, or solution to every problem rather then actual listen.

Do you sense a need to improve in interacting with others?