The Importance of Situational Awareness

When it comes to self-protection, one of the greatest tools a person can get really good at using is situational awareness. Personally, I see situational awareness in two specific categories. The first is knowing thy self and two it’s knowing where you are at and what’s going on around you.
Knowing thy self comes down to the simple things, such as knowing your strengths and weakness. Knowing what makes you uncomfortable and so on. For example, I know that I am a left handed person, as such I know that most attacks will come from a right handed person. There’re, I need position myself in a posture that allows me to shield with my left side, should I need to defend myself.
Moreover, I know that walking far with my crutches or wheeling myself long distances with my push chair, often takes a lot out of me. So positioning myself near an exit should something happen is most preferred. This should be set in place for things like a fire breaking out and even an active killer situation. Again, knowing yourself, in all your strengths and weaknesses and having plans in place, will put you on a greater path toward personal well-being and safety. Next, in knowing your surroundings, knowing where you are at, knowing where your exits are in case of emergencies is crucial. But even more so, listening to what your gut tells you. More often than not, before something bad happens a person typically gets a bed feeling inside them.
Sadly though, this bad feeling that we get in our stomachs is often ignored. If a person keeps you an off feeling, or better yet the creeps. Listen to it, because that feeling is there to protect you. If a certain area you are in does not make you feel safe or looks sketchy, pay attention to that feeling. I would rather be wrong about a certain place or person at times, than put my own self in jeopardy. Most violent encounters can be avoided by early detection and over all avoidance. Now, this doesn’t mean don’t go out and have fun, but it means being aware. Scanning your environment, looking for things that look out of the ordinary, scanning for people that look like potential threats etc. I’m not implying that everyone be paranoid, but I am saying to be smart and use wisdom when out in public. Especially if you’re a person who has a disability. Other ways to improve your personal safety, is putting down your cell phone once in a while and paying attention to what’s going on around you.
I’m just as guilty, but we could all do better at this. Even if it’s in the name of building better quality relationships. Within the self- defense/protection industry, some say that we should maintain a 360 degree sense of awareness. I however believe that’s impossible and even impractical. For the simple reason that you can’t always maintain a 360 degree of awareness, especially if you are talking to someone in front of you. What I feel is better, and much more attainable, is to get a snap shot in your mind of where things and people are. This is far more of an easier practice. Lastly, always go out with friends you trust. Get them involved in formality plans that can help add to your personal safety. This includes all that is mentioned above, as well as even learning how defend a person that isn’t quite able to defend themselves as readily.
With this my hope is to make you safer, and to open your eyes as to why your safety matters. It’s up to you now, as an individual to choose your own safety every single day. For yourself and your loved ones. In my next blog, I will discuss how and why we should carry impact weapons on our person.

My Thoughts on Guns and Gun Control

Growing up as a kid, I had an obsession with guns, toys guns more likely. My father was a military man and even captain of an S.WA.T. team. I could even name most real life guns that I saw in movies. Yet, the distinction was guns in my life is that my father raised me correctly  in how to view them.

He would tell me things like:

“Real guns are for self-protection”


“You should never point a gun at someone unless you truly have to”.

The point in which someone is informed about guns makes a big difference, for instance, many on the left believe that guns should be taken away from people.  Or that guns should be much more difficult to get access. This way fewer shootings would happen like that which happened in Orlando and various other shootings that have taken place in our world.

I’d like to clarify one simple fact: Guns, even though they can be scary and take the life of another human being are not the primary issue. The real issue at hand is the intentions of human beings that have access to them. There is a vast difference between the terrorist that shoots up a night club and an off-duty police officer or civilian who decides to pull out their firearm.

The terrorist’s heart is filled with evil of many kinds, his objective is to take life. While the officer or civilians objective is to save a life. Do you see the difference? Yes in events such as this lives are lost. But I’d much rather have someone deploy their sidearm in the name of saving others than from having no way of fending off a wolf.

I fully understand that some in our society may not like guns or have any desire to fire them or learn about them. That is their own opinion and mindset. Yet in  no way should that disqualify others from having a concealed carry weapon on their person, simply because guns are seen as “dangerous”. That is silly… After all, even though a person might not admit it. When danger strikes surely they will be thankful when a person with a weapon on them saves their lives.

Since the very first Jason Bourne came out, I’ve been a fan. Even Matt Damon, until this meme is posted:


So even though the guy makes millions of dollars playing the role of Jason Bourne, he’s fine shooting weapons in movies. And yet he is not for them in real life? If he really did oppose them he probably should have turned down those million dollar roles. All I’m saying that one should honor their convictions to the best of their human ability.

All in all, my message is this. The more we educate ourselves on the subject of guns. The more I believe that a lot of the fears concerning guns will vanish. Take a firearms class, see how you like it. If you still are not for them in the end, that is fine. But do not hold to the understanding that guns are scary. I am more scared about the wickedness that lives in the human heart.