Honest Thoughts on Transable-Ism

            In this blog I’d like to share some very candid thoughts, on the reality of the Transabled movement. The reason that I’ve chosen to use the wording of movement, is simply because this isn’t a new issue so to speak. Yet in has been gaining much more traction in recent years. I’m also profoundly aware, that my thoughts might very well offend some, however in as much as my aim is to live at peace with others (both online and in real life) sometimes truth, for the simple nature of what it is, offends and cuts beyond the human flesh and understanding.

The reality of being transabled falls under what is called Body integrity identity disorder (BIID).  This disorder is when a person has the desire to have their body medically changed into a physical impairment of some kind, whether that be visually impaired, amputee and even paraplegic.

In college this was a topic that I spend numerous hours, writing a term paper on. Somethings that caught my attention in a shocking manner, were people wanting to become blind and to accomplish such a task. It involved having acid poured into their eyes. I’ve known visually impaired people through out my life, and sometimes their desire to want be able to see is great.

In a sense they would do anything to see, even if it were a mere moment, they would never think of having acid poured into their eyes, my girlfriend has CRPS, due to a horse stepping on her foot and breaking all the bones in her foot, as a result she had to get her right foot removed. Her condition is not visible to the human, but what most people don’t know the amount of pain that she is in every day. Again, most everyday she wishes that she could get some sort of relief if for a moment. She wouldn’t wish what she must go through on anyone.  I myself have lived with cerebral palsy for thirty-eight years, have had a handful of major operations on my back and lower body. The thoughts that flow through my mind the most, are wishing that my right-hand full use, and that my legs were able to do things that most of us take for granted every single day.  

            While the reality of mental health issues is very real, this in my opinion is much deeper than the mind. It is a profoundly spiritual one as well. This is a battle between good and evil, these people that want to have their bodies willfully changed to live as someone with a disability, are still people made in the holy and beautiful image of God. On the other hand, because we live in a fallen and broken world, the mirror that we as humans have, reflecting the image of God is broken. As such, the enemy, Satan attacks people in the best place that he can overtake them, that being the mind. As a Christian, is it is of great importance to pray for these people and pray for them.

It is of equal importance then, to confront the lies of the enemy with truth and love. And the truth is that, as a society we are being deceived and lied to. The Bible tells us that we are not our own (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Our bodies are gifts of God and as such we should honor our bodies by taking care of them and not destroying them. I can assure you that it is not in the heart of Father God to have people doing these things to themselves, yet because many of choose not to listen or adhere to Gods voice and word sin and brokenness play out.  What causes my heart even more grief, not to mention how much it grieves and angers the heart of God as well, is the mere fact that medical professionals (doctors) are allowing such atrocity to take place in their own practices.

            It’s as though the reality of doing no harm, means nothing to them anymore to them anymore. Unless it puts a percentage of money in their pockets, which they should be filled with shame for. Licensed mental health professionals, should be doing whatever they can to steer their patients away from the idea of radically changing their bodies in such a great way. One that will change their lives forever, without being able to truly weigh and not the consequences that can follow such a decision. This may seem strong, but medical and mental health professionals who give a green light for people, to go through with such a desire should not be allowed to practice any longer.

Once again, it may seem harsh that my conviction is to strip medical professionals of their ability to practice, who do great harm to others in this way, by virtue of pandering to one’s desires. The questions that we must ask ourselves as a society, is how far we are willing to let this slippery slope go? How much more will we allow people to willfully destroy their bodies before we wake up from our sleep and say enough is enough?  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m tired of seeing society progress more and more into emptiness.

            It’s time that we as people, start pushing back against these norms, rather than allowing people to go down such routes. They must know that there made in the image of God, they must know that there is purpose in the bodies that God has originally blessed them with. They must know that there is a spiritual war that is taken place for the mind and soul, they must know that nothing else can satisfy them, the way the presence of God can.      


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