Have You Considered Berberine?

If anyone knows anything about me, from reading any of my blog entries regarding health, then you might notice that I’m not the biggest advocate for prescription medicine. At least right away. In a sense, my eyes have been opened to have been opened to how broken the medical industry is. In no way is this meant as a jab at medical professionals in any regard. There simply comes a point in time in which one begins to question the practices that are conducted everyday, and begins to champion their own health journey and experience.

Living a healthy life style has been a passion of my mine, even a calling if you will. The biggest motivation for me is being able to combat the health issues that make up some of my own family history. Much of that is metabolic in nature. If you’re not sure what that is, it roughly has to do with the following:

Diabetes (or pre)

High Triglycerides

High Blood Pressure

Depression and Anxiety- which I do believe can be linked to metabolic dysfunction as well.

Through out my life I’ve been on meds for each of this conditions, and at the moment i’m on a very low dose anxiety med that I’m honestly not sure works anymore. Each med has their fair share of disturbing side effects. Which is what has driven me to look for more simple, natural ways without all the damaging side effects.

This is where the natural supplement of Berberine enters the picture: Berberine is an alkaloid that is found in many different plants and is believed to be used in Chinese medicine for over three thousand years. I was first made aware of this natural supplement through the YouTube channel, high intensity health. One of the first things that stood out to me, is that it helps shrink arterial plaque in the heart. If that isn’t amazing in it’s self, it gets better.

Berberine (in many studies) has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar.

It can lower inflammation in the body, some say even better than turmeric can.

it can lower both cholesterol and Triglycerides.

Some research suggests that it can help prevent cancer.

and much- much.

I’ve personally been taking 500 mlg, twice a day for a few weeks now and can tell that there’s change happening. Certainly feeling less joint pain in my body, not having hardly any digestive issues after eating. What’s even better, is that it can act as a natural anti-biotic. Normally around this time of year, I’m personal prone to allergies and sinus infections. With taking berberine and proper sleep, the sinus pressure has gone down immensely.

My goal is to take berberine for a month process and go get my numbers checked. Though I’m still in the beginning process of seeing what more can happen, I certainly wanted to let you guys know as well.


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