Three Supplements Everyone Should Take!

As someone who has been in the health and fitness world, for quite awhile now, supplements are often recommended to clients. Primarily to those who are on very fixed incomes and live with a disability of some kind. While it is true that, we as humans should be getting most of our daily nutrients from food. For some people it’s very difficult to be eating as clean as we should be.

However, if there were three supplements that (I believe) everyone should be taking, are as follows:

NAC (N-Acetylcysteine)

There are a host of reasons that everyone should be taking this, but i’ll mention a few. The biggest reason that people should be taking it, is in light of certain viruses in the world. Especially those that impact the lungs in such a profound way, NAC helps expel mucus from the lungs much easier. Even those with asthma.

Beyond that NAC has the ability to improve cognitive function, reduce inflammation in the body and it can boost immunity as well.

Magnesium (preferably a complex)

The biggest benefits of Magnesium, is that it has been shown to lesson the chances of a person having type 2 Diabetes by helping regulate blood sugar. It has also been show to reduce ones risk of cardiovascular disease, furthermore it can be shown to help those with anxiety or depression, as it can help calm the mind and nervous symptom. Not to mention improve daily sleep.

Vitamin D 3 and K2

The last supplement that I suggest that people is a combo of vitamin D3 and k2, this combo has been shown to further aid humans in better heart health. In that it helps calcium is better absorbed in the bones and doesn’t calcifi. The combo can also further help strengthen the bones of the body and even improve muscle function.

Lastly, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on these 3 supplements.

For NAC, check out Deal Supplements

For Magnesium complex, check out wild food co

Vitamin D3 and K2, check out Deal Supplements.

In love and health,

The CP Health Nut


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