On Robots and Fitness

A couple years ago I saw a movie, where the human race were all hooked up to machines. Machines that fed them and stabilized with oxygen. In short, humans did nothing. Nothing but lay there hooked up to these machines .  Not only did they loose their bodies, but they lost connection with each other.

I don’t know about you, but this idea scares me. And if I’m honest, the reality of this happening wouldn’t surprise me too much.  I mean, we already have robots that can bring us things, help us place orders online, help us clean and now… Now we have robots that are designed for physical intimacy.

Yeah… See where I’m going with this? What’s much more sad, is that there are those in life, that only want to be lazy and do nothing with their days. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with rest. But I believe, that the daily grind must be embraced before human existence as we know it escapes us.

Think about it, the Lord breathed life into us, gave us the ability to work, cultivate, help others and take care of ourselves. As such, getting out of bed everyday, was never meant to be a drag. Yet for so many of us it is. In some ways, I welcome the aches and pains, the popping in my joints, even the moments where I want to quit or lie in bed all day because the weather is nasty.

It means that I’m alive,  it means that you’re too. It means that we aren’t hooked up to machines or depending upon Robots to do things for us. Obviously not all technology is bad, but the human experience is a blessing and not a curse. We humans tend to make the realities we want to live in. A lot of it is due to choices and or mind sets, but the good news is that much of that can be changed.

Not with a quick fix, but a deciding to embark on the journey of embracing the grind. Being thankful and giving thanks. For all is grace and gift. In my mind, we should be doing all that we possibly can to become stronger physically, mentally and even spiritually. Making war against the machines that want to only take real human existence from us.

So tomorrow, get up, open your eyes, breath, give thanks for life, not matter how good or bad. And then, go chase after the life you have.



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