Thoughts on Miracles

Richard Dawkins has never been one to be kind to the average Christian, in fact, he even will go on to say that person who believes in such miracles as the burning bush in Exodus 3 are stupid. I will not be writing this from a scientific perspective, as that is an area of life that I am particularly versed in. Though I have been curious to know more these days. And though I am not so well versed in the area of science, I in no way think that it is incompatible with faith.

If anything I believe they compliment one another. It takes a certain faith to believe in miracles, I never used to believe in them, nor did I have any sort of faith that a God might exist. If you have read any of my prior entries, then you will know what I once was like.

I can safely say now, that the faith that I do have is not something that I could have forced myself to have. There is no amount of willpower inside me that draws or calls upon faith. Rather, it was the power of God’s spirit that ignited faith inside me, not only to believe in the power of the resurrection but also of healing.  After my conversion, it was as though I was filled with a childlike heart again.

Which, I believe that many of us have as children, though through some experiences as children and even as we grow into adults. That same child-like soul vanishes. Sometimes life kicks us where it hurts, and thus we’re robbed of all belief in something more.

Do I think I’m stupid for believing that miracle happen? No, I do not, why?  because having the God-given faith to believe in such things as miracles, allows me to believe that there is something more to my life. That when I die I won’t simply be lowered into the ground to become a sack of bones. Believing in miracles propels me to believe that one day this world will be put right.

I don’t believe that because a person believes in miracles, that it quickens them towards stupidity. Rather, a person that believes in miracles, might be a good indication of a soft heart. We have allowed things in this world to harden our hearts for so long, that many of us though they’re alive are lifeless creatures. Which is what I deeply sense, has happened to many of the new atheists today.  Even so, I believe that their hearts can be softened and opened to the wonder and joy of miracles. Which is all the more reason to pray.serveimage


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