Jesus is Amazing (Get Him Today)

Jesus is amazing; He is the definition of amazing grace. I know, the debates and speculation are at large:

Did Jesus exist?

Did He say, He was God?                                               jesus-sighting1

Was He crucified?

How could He have come back to life?

The debates can go on and on,  but the biggest question that we must answer within ourselves is what we believe about Him. Many claim that Jesus was a great example, many dismiss Him quicker then they can put their shoes on in the morning.

A step further, many profess that Christianity is similar to other religions. I’d like to put the brakes on a give a few reasons, as to why Jesus is far and beyond anything you have ever thought or believed.

The first point we must consider, is that if Jesus is who He says He is. Then we must look at Him with much intent. For every other religion has either pointed the way to God or left us to figure it out on our own. Jesus however, says that He is God come to seek you!

He came to live in our flesh, live with us in temptation and every emotion. He isn’t distant and remote as some gods in various religions can be.

He provides us with the love we have always wanted; Scripture tells us that He will never leave us or forsake us (provided that we place our faith and trust in Him. He will love us in our repeated destructive behaviors, though that also does not mean that we can live recklessly.

Jesus loves in ways that I cannot even begin to express, His loves assures us. Unlike other religions, one can know that they’re a child of God. Unlike other religions where you can never know where you stand, or have to earn your way into the love and mercy of God.

Jesus says that we don’t have to strive or work tirelessly because He has already done everything for us. We only have to live in grace and love. He is amazing and the lover of your souls. Get Him today, cling onto Him. For He alone can satisfy and quench your thirst.

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