Day 1: Fighting Back

I have decided to start posting each day that my eyes and mind don’t consume porn. I’m doing this in spite of fear, ridicule and rejection. No matter how people view me or what they think. I’ve made it 90 days before and with God’s help I’ll do it again. That being said, here we go.

Day 1

I’m wrestling with the idea of this is an actual addiction, or simply a dirty habit. After all, it’s not really interfering with my life in massive ways. But man, does my mind and body crave it.The temptation comes between early mornings and when I know i’ll be alone for awhile.

The truth is, I know I’m far better than this. Better, meaning that I am not better than anyone else, but better in the sense that I am better than this addiction, vice, habit whatever we want to call this thing. ¬†Regardless I don’t want this thing to interfere in my life down the road. I honestly believe that real freedom is possible.

Even though my insides scream other wise, I could sit here and feel sorry for myself, I could think of every justification. But that is rubbish, it’s all filth. It’s time to clinch these fists and fight.images

5 thoughts on “Day 1: Fighting Back

  1. What’s up dude?
    The fight is real but God has called us men to walk in purity. I haven’t watched porn for about a month but it’s a battle everyday. It’s great to see other men standing up and fighting against porn! Let’s do this…..!!



  2. I think pornography is definitely an addiction – I know a lot of men who’ve been addicted to it. They have all found recovery through Sex Addicts Anonynous or Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous which are 12 Step Groups which are based around the concept of a Higher Power and talk a lot about God. Have you tried them? Pornography is a lonely addiction, reaching out to others in the same boat takes you out of the isolation. In beating my own addictions to drugs, alcohol, bulimia, shopping and OCD I found it was wonderful to have the support of a group and am now in recovery from all of my addictions and mental health problems.


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