Love Like A Dog

For as long as I can remember, there has been a particular love inside for animals. Primarily dogs. I can remember when I was a kid, I’d sit outside in my wheelchair and wait for the school bus. The family that lived next to us had a very special looking German Shepherd.

One morning while I was waiting outside, that very dog came and sat next to me. And it didn’t move until I left for school. From that point on every morning I couldn’t wait to see this dog again. It was as if the dog longed to see me too. It’s no wonder it’s believed that a dog is a man’s best friend, or in this case a boys.

Even when the dog wasn’t there some mornings, it was like my friend was missing from my life. Since that point I have grown attached to a handful of other dogs that have lived in my families home. Each dog has been a shadow and a companion.

When I had a major operation on my legs once, the dog I had at the time was named Duke. He would lay next to my legs that were both casted. He wouldn’t move. And when I would be in the bathtub, he would either lay by the door until I came out or he would lay by the tub and lick the water from my arm.

To an extant, Duke and the other animals in my life have been the greatest examples of unconditional love. More so than humans at times . Yes I know they poop and pee on things we love. But they are dependant on us humans, in the ways we need to be dependant on one another in our daily lives.

I just wish that humans could resemble the love that a dog freely gives. One of my favorite writers Anne Lamott once wrote that a dog is the closest thing we will see to God while on this earth. I agree with her.

We all could love more. And love better.




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