On The Fathers Love

If I could describe the love of the heavenly father to someone, it would be like a father who takes off running toward his son who ran away. In Luke 15, we read the story of the prodigal son. In short, we see a son who simply wants the money he would receive when his father passes away. But he doesn’t want to wait any longer, he wants his inheritance right this moment.

The son simply wants his share of the money, and wants to prove that he can live his life apart from his father. A big reason why the love of the father is so real to me, is that I am that son. I wander off on my own thinking that I can function in my own little kingdom. But much like this son, I too make a mess of things.

The son went off and burned through all his money, he seemed to live the high life but for a moment. Until reality sets in. He comes to his senses ad realizes that he now has nothing and is living the life of a homeless person practically speaking.  Again, I do this too. I sometimes think that all I need is money and then my joy will be made complete. But all the money in the world, all the love and sex in the world can and will leave us only empty and longing for more.

I have come to realize that without the fathers love I am empty, a hopeless beggar. I believe that so many of believe that God is simply angry at us and longs to pounce on us. But in Luke 15, we see a father who stands and watches for his sons and daughters walking toward homes. With tears in his eyes and heart full of love, he comes running toward us, gripping us and lavishing his love on us.

O won’t we let the father love us in this way. Lest we easily wander off of our own longing for something this world could never gives us.


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