Thoughts on Loving Deeply (Is It Really Worth It?)

Do you ever feel like you have so much love to give?

I do.

It almost feels like my heart and soul are at the bottom of love, as if the ocean its self was love. And my being would burst because it is to small to be caught in the ocean of love.

Some times I feel that I could simply go embrace a homeless person, not caring what society thought. Or to be like Richard Gere in Pretty Women and show a prostitute the warmth of real love, how a man treats a women, that she is made for far more then hustling for money on the street.

Perhaps that’s why I fall in love so quickly, is because I just have so much to offer and give of myself. Other’s have suggested that it is best to ease into love with a potential life partner. But I’ve never been good at that, I’ve never been able to contain the fire.

Another part of believes that when you love someone or something, it naturally pours forth from your life. Yet, much of the time I feel like I should live on my own island, so I don’t run people off. There have been few times in life where I have felt a certain love for someone, be it romantic or a friendship based love that simply wants that best for someone.

But I often don’t say anything because of fear of looking stupid, or that it was simply the crazy whirl wind of emotion that moves through me. I wonder, is really worth it to take risks with what we humans call love anymore.


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